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insurance policy

Insurance contribution: The insurance policy shows exactly which insurance contributions are due. In addition, the contract also contains information on how the insurance premium is paid and which conditions apply. For example, the policy may state that contributions must always be paid by the 15th of a month.

Insurance number: The insurance number is an important element of the policy. You must also provide this number, for example, when you have questions about the contract.

Individual agreements: If individual agreements are made with the insurance company, these must also be recorded in the policy.

Exclusion of benefits: The policy also lists the cases in which the insurance does not apply. This information is particularly important, for example, for disability insurance.

Terms and Conditions: The insurance policy always contains the general terms and conditions , in which, for example, information on notice periods can be found.

Special regulations: If there are separate regulations that go beyond the conventional services of the contract, these must also be recorded in the policy.

insurance policy

Policy benefits – Check contract data regularly!

The content of the policy and insurance premiums may change during the term of the contract. In this case you will receive a new policy with a note about the contract update. Check the new data carefully. As a rule, you have a special right of termination in the event of changes, for example, if the premium for car insurance is increased.

Insurance certificate number

The number of the insurance policy can be clearly assigned. The number is usually at the top of the insurance policy and in some cases on each side of the insurance policy. The number is important so that you can provide your insurance policy by telephone or in writing with the insurer. The number also plays an important role in the loss of the insurance policy or in the event of damage reports. As a rule, an insurance certificate number is limited to a maximum of 17 characters. Some insurers also use longer numbers. If you want to claim damage, you have to leave out a few characters for longer insurance numbers. This is the case, for example, when the damage is reported electronically to the insurer via portals such as

Structure of the insurance number

Each insurance company has its own system for assigning the insurance number. It usually consists of information on the type of insurance as well as a consecutive number and an assignment to a specific processing area.

Example: PAV / 70/0156/1111111111/089

Policy Contract application

An insurance policy is not applied for directly. Rather, you get the policy when you take out insurance. It does not matter whether you apply for the insurance contract online, through an insurance broker or at an insurer on site.

The insurance policy is usually sent to you by post. Depending on the policy, it can take a long time to receive your policy. For example, insurers take longer to check a life insurance application than the online application for car insurance. With auto insurance, the policy is usually sent within a few working days.

Different versions

The original insurance policy of a life insurance company can be printed in the form of a real certificate, which is created in a separate folder. Conventional policies for liability or car insurance typically consist of conventional paper printouts.

Insurance policy lost – what now?

In principle, insurance policies should always be kept carefully. However, it can always happen that a policy is lost, be it cleaning up or moving house.

Property insurance (household contents or liability): With conventional property insurance, the loss of the insurance policy is not really tragic. In this case, you can contact the insurer and request a replacement print. This will then be sent to you within a short time.

Personal insurance : In the case of a life insurance policy, a loss is more serious, because theoretically the owner of the policy is also the beneficiary of the insurance benefit. If you lose the policy, you are initially not entitled to the sum insured in the event of a claim because you cannot prove that you have the insurance.

Here’s how to do it

  • Inform your insurer if you find that your policy has been lost before the contract expires.
  • Send the insurer a declaration of loss stating that your policy is no longer available.
  • The declaration of loss must include insurance that you could not find the policy despite an extensive search.
  • Also apply for a new policy in the loss declaration.
  • Be sure to provide your insurance number.
  • Specify the policyholder.
  • Explain that you are exempt from insurance if a third party has successfully made claims.
  • Submission of a declaration of loss
  • After losing a life insurance policy, you can only receive its benefits once you have submitted the loss declaration.

Retention obligation

The limitation period for insurance benefits is three years. You should therefore keep your expired insurance policies for at least this period. So you are entitled to any additional claims.

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